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Originally Posted by 24left View Post

I have no proof AC is coaching the crew. I would think that is unprofessional and potentially a mistake
my solicitor referred a legal brief that describes CB controversial subpoena powers S.11 - here is lay article I could actually understand 🙃


I completely agree with you such communication would be unprofessional and a huge AC mistake, so how else did AC communicate to its SDs the code for fixing the seats? CB can get to this communication, and specifically have used S.11 in cases of deceptive advertising so precedent already exists.

your post useful to remind me that AirCanada has therefore somehow physically instructed it’s many frontline staff contrary to their advertisement.

And I got AC correspondence with a compensation offer that refers to the seats as “infallible, but fail from time to time”

ps... I actually feel sorry for the AC staff who have to pedal this nonsense, but AC booked $2 billion net operating income in the last couple years, so I am not that sorry.
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