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Originally Posted by defrosted View Post
The amount of public information available about all of us is alarming. If someone is going to be a creeper they don't need this thread to do it.
You are absolutely right, I totally get that. All of our public information is readily available.

My point was the intention of employee was to recognize the individual, not have her name posted on a public forum. There is a lot of people in this world with that name, but weve eliminated that anonymity by isolating her here by her occupation. Shes the only <NAME> in the country that does that job.

Im a pilot, my pay rates are publicly available, I tend to have nice things. My job keeps me away from home and out of the country at least 15 days a month. I too would like to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Again, not trying to be crazy about this but some awareness may be prudent.

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