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In all my flying over umpteen years, I only have a few longhaul sectors in WT / WTP, the first of which turned into a notorious thread here. I did atttempt to fly WT last weekend, having spent 230 on a return from LHR to ORD, but BA thwarted this by putting me in WTP outbound and CW on the overnight return.

My limited experience suggestions would be
- have a small bag, maybe just a shopping bag with a few, carefully prepared things for your nest, so you can quickly shove your main bag into the overhead, take your seat and relax, rather than flapping around forever during the boarding process. Middle aged males in CW are the worst for this, with no gizmo unaccounted for, but nevermind.
- you want your backup IFE, a magazine, a bottle of two of water from the shops (some now sell large bottles) and some treats (sweet or savoury) for mid flight, any medicines plus some headache pills. Personally I wouldn't overdo it, less is more.
- eat mainly before departure, don't feel obliged to eat on board, or all of it, better to arrive a little hungry than a little bloated
- use the bathroom just before boarding so that take off delays don't get stressful
- know they NEVER close boarding before 20 minutes from departure at T5, so turning up at the gate 30 minutes before departure is in itself an abundance of caution.
- wear thin layers of clothes so you can easily adjust to the cabin temperature while seated.
- work out your jet lag strategy and control it, rather than let it control you
- smile at cabin crew and make them feel important (which they are), ask them if they have any plans for the destination for example.
- be determined to have a good flight and be determined to look forward to arrival.
- personally I can't be bothered with bringing pillows, pashminas, neck cushions, blankets, "lounge wear" etc. Great in theory but why clutter up your life? If you are sleepy, you will sleep, just ask any cat.
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