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I find it odd that it was scanned and on the plane on 12th. The question is when was it scanned? I thought they got scanned as they were loaded from the cart and on to the conveyor leading to the baggage hold of the plane. But perhaps it was scanned as it was loaded on to the cart or fell off the conveyor and not found until they moved it. The fact that there was no activity for 24 hours is perhaps not usual but I do not know the scanning process for a bag that missed it's flight.

As for what you are/should be entitled to. As I mentioned previously, focus on getting monies back for the ground transportation and the connecting flight. Lost bags happen, I would not focus on the bag too much but focus on the fact that you waited 8 hours for a flight that you never had any chance of getting on.

e.g. Dear Delta, My bag was mishandled, I understand that happens. Because of that I did not clear customs and bag recheck in a normal amount of time and I missed my connecting flight. I was told that I would have a seat on the next flight which was in 8 hours. However, after waiting 8 hours the gate agent for that flight told me I was given incorrect information and in reality I had no chance of boarding that flight. Had I known that up front I would have not wait 8 hours and immediately taken ground transportation home. Which what I did eventually because the GA was not sure when they could get me on a connecting flight without waiting an additional 16 hours. While I understand bags get mishandled I should not have been promised a seat that I would never get and immediately given alternatives. I am requesting a re-imbursement for the ground transportation and a refund of my final connecting flight.
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