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Originally Posted by Some person View Post
Check article 8 of regulation 261/2004:If DY doesn't offer these things, then you claim back the expenses you had as a result of this absence of the offer, but you may have to sue them to get your money.This is another issue and for that reason I wouldn't book anything with them before it is known if their share issue goes through or not.
We don't need references to the Regulation. People here are fairly sophisticated. As noted across FT on multiple occasions, DY outright refuses to rebook to or from other locations without an acceptance of it being a voluntary reroute. Alternatively, it offers a full refund and washes its hands. Nobody who has complained or said they are pursuing an action has reported back on favorable treatment. So, the question remains as to whether this is fruitful. Particularly given the prevalence of bottom feeder claims agencies working for a percentage of the loot, one would expect these to be easy claims if they were easy.
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