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Originally Posted by pinniped View Post
One possibility is that there may be 4 of us in total. The 100's appear to only sleep 3, whereas the 200's list 4 as capacity. (Two teenagers - they aren't picky about where they sleep.)
100, 200, and 300's are physically 100% identical.

The sofa is large enough for an adult to sleep on, admittedly not very comfortably.
I have also been offered a folding bed once when sharing a villa with a friend I don't share a bed with, and who found the sofa too hard on a previous stay (actually ended up in a 2 bedroom as a repeat diamond, but that was under Lyle Lewis' brief tenure prior to his recent retirement - a great GM who understood that a pleased customer can be more profitable long-term).
So any villa can accommodate 2 adults and 2 teenagers.

What I would do is to email them and ask the cost for an upgrade to a 2 bedroom unit. Those are really nice, and would make for a 5* holiday for your whole family; the living room upstairs, kitchenette, garden, and 2.5 bathrooms add a ton of living space, and the cash difference between 1 and 2 bedrooms is not that great (~dinner for 2 in the Maldives ), especially now with the ongoing sale (you could use that delta as a reference for an eventual counteroffer). The reservation department is very responsive.

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