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I am going to BGI from JAX with a connection in MIA. The MIA-BGI is on a 737 MAX in both directions. On the days I am flying there is no option to go through CLT instead and there are no other AC that operate on this route. If I changed the date and try to go through CLT there is a hefty change fee and a fare differential. I called AA about this today and asked about my options. At first the CR told me that AA was in the process of grounding the planes. Then he put me on hold. Came back and said that the planes on this route were safe and I had nothing to worry about. I then countered with the fact that if all the planes were safe, why was AA allowing crew to opt out of flying on these AC? He said that he was not aware of this and I should not believe everything I read. I asked if I could get a refund and was told I had a non-refundable ticket that was good for a year to fly on the same route. I countered that with only to fly on the same AC.
I may try again to get a refund or to get vouchers and then book on Jet Blue. The schedule is not as convenient but they don't fly the 737 MAX.
Does anyone have any other suggestions.
I have been ticketed on this route for some time and have noticed AA has swapped equipment a couple of times between the 737 MAX and 737-800. As BGI is an international destination, the ticket would fall under AA's International tariff rules. There is a provision under the international tariff rules that allows for a refund due to an equipment change unacceptable to the customer. Normally, people request a refund for widebody to narrowbody changes, but the rule itself does not require this, simply any change of equipment should suffice.

If you were originally ticketed on a different aircraft, then you would be due a refund if you request it.
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