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Originally Posted by Tanic View Post
I wonder if ordering through the click list app and using the pick up lane would show as a Kroger purchase and get 4x.
Well I'm curious on that now... maybe I'll have to try. I'm not sure exactly how useful that would be for me though since I like to pick my own produce (and usually shop based on what looks the best that week, not what I want) and that makes up a fairly large amount of the items I buy, probably 30 to 40% a week of the total bill. Still, even if I could cut down the spend by 50 or 60% a week then a gift card would go a heck of a lot longer and I could just go in, buy my produce (so I'm just in one part of the store, that would be nice) and then go out and have the click list delivered to my car and go home. I might give it a chance... they've been promoting heavy coupons on click list too so I probably would actually save in the long run.

I'll report back if I try, has anyone else with a Fred Meyer tried Click-List pickup of groceries to see if it triggers 4x?
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