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Originally Posted by Fabo.sk View Post
If they are reasonably small, it should work I expect. There are people who want to fly to a common leisure destination, but still are willing to pay something extra not to need two days of adjusting after arrival...
But then you also have the people who want to fly to a LH destination, realize that the LH flight is operated by Eurowings/Sun Express and decide to book on another airline. I have yet to set foot on either Eurowings or Sunexpress voluntarily and I'm not planning to do so anytime soon. (I was once on a Sunexpress involuntarily instead of the originial EDW flight out of AYT to ZRH).

In my opinion Edelweiss did it exactly right. They are a great airline, managed to offer a great product for a reasonable price for leisure travelers. I used to fly them all the time and to date I have still flown them more (segment wise) than LX! But even EDW is struggling now with its current expansion and the addition of the not so amazing new A320s without IFE or cabin dividers and smaller galley. I would still be flying EDW frequently if they would give miles to *A partners.

The difference imo is that EDW never tried to be a LCC and never was one. Because let's be honest, the only LCC thing about Eurowings is the service (not necessarily in C) and the customer support. Everything else is done like a normal airline which undermines the whole point of being a LCC.
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