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Originally Posted by Takiteasy View Post
Ba749 was just ahead of the Ba238 in the arrival sequence, e.g. both on final approach. However it diverted much earlier (over central London) than Ba238 which was hit by lightning over Richmond Park. It may have been hit by lightning too.
Or, possibly, it didn't like the look of whatever weather was between it and the field, and therefore broke off the approach, there was no assurance of getting around the "circuit" in the circumstances to be able to approach LHR again and land within the fuel available, and so it had to divert to another field at that point - STN was OK for weather but far enough away that an emergency call was required because of the expected fuel state on landing there. And perhaps the weather was looking different for BA238 given the time interval, but in the end there was still something in the same bit of weather that produced the nasty that hit it.

Or, in other words, we can all speculate as much as we like without shedding any light.
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