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Originally Posted by AA100k View Post

Agree. I recall all the witnesses that said the TWA 747 crash off of Long Island many years ago was hit by a missle fired from a Navy ship.
Now that they have the black boxes, I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of this horrible tragedy quickly for everyone’s sake, especially the families of those poor passengers and crew members,
Heck, a decade ago I was bicycling to work in downtown Minneapolis and about 30 feet in front of me a loud and dramatic car wreck occurred. I filed a brief summary of what I saw with the police when they came soon thereafter, and even then an hour after the fact, I only had confidence in which direction which car was going so that is all I offered up. The day after and twelve more times in as many months the lawyers on both sides called me to drill me for any details I remember (must have been a court battle of the ages for the personal injury lawyers). Was my light green or was I slowing down for a red? Was either car slowing down or going at full speed or speeding? Was there other people around? I had no clue anymore -- I saw the entire thing occur, I was for sure either pedaling hard to make the green light or slowing down, but all I could remember was a loud bang (for sure), cars spinning (I think), glass shattering (surely, right?). And this is just a car wreck. I am pretty sure if I saw a plane crash, I would imagine I saw cows running, rattling metal, papers flying, and a trail of smoke too (logistics of cows running away from a nosediving 738 aside, the loud bang/explosion of the crash would for sure have wiped clean any clear memory the details observed seconds before).
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