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Originally Posted by Spanish View Post
Taking those facts at face value, I still have no issue getting on the 737 MAX aeroplane. Even if the current safety record continued, it would be incredibly unlikely that I'd get caught up in a crash...
A totally reasonable choice. It's still got a decent safety record by 1960s aviation standards, and it's not like people didn't fly back then. It's just that aviation has gotten a couple orders of magnitude safer in the intervening 50 years. My own risk preferences are different, but even I would not avoid it under all circumstances, I'd just try to book away from it whenever possible (until it's clearly fixed).

Originally Posted by flyingeph12 View Post
And yet it appears AA has released a statement saying it has “full confidence” in the 737 MAX.
LOL, of course they did.

Originally Posted by wetrat0
This got me interested enough to do some analysis of my own.

According to Boeing's own statistics (http://www.boeing.com/resources/boei...df/statsum.pdf), the 737NG has a fatal hull loss rate of 0.08 per million departures...
Yup, that's virtually identical to the analysis that I did. Kudos for showing your work.
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