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Have you checked rental / purchase prices for SF homes and lifestyle? It’s expensive. If you work at UCSF, how will you get there from the suburbs - use google maps for a sense of public transportation. Do you want to have to take a bart and bus or Caltrain and bus twice a day to get from home to work?
it is insanely expensive to live here. Just make sure you’ve done the math to make sure it’s worth it.

Public schools in california are nonstop in peril. Teachers in Oakland (east bay) recently went on strike because of working conditions. The ratio is like 1:22 and then becomes 1:35 at 4th grade.

$1M will get you a 1/2 bedroom condo in parts of this region but there’s a lot of competition.
Supposedly according to the New York Times, a lot of tech iPos will cause housing prices to increase

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