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Oddball currency questions

Hi all -
My wife, son, and I are planning on making our almost-annual trip to Oxfordshire to visit her family in May. We are fortunate enough to have found a marvelous landlady through AirBnB who's allowed us to book directly through her on subsequent trips. We pay her in cash on arrival, and the last time we did this, I paid her with a stack of 20-pound notes I'd obtained from an ATM at a nearby Tesco. This time, we are staying twice as long, which means I'd be turning over a stack of 20-pound notes that's twice as large, and I'd really prefer to pay her in larger bills. If I obtained cash from an ATM on arrival and walked into a bank branch, would I be able to exchange a stack of 20-pound notes for a smaller stack of, say, 100-pound notes?
Also, since I'm asking about currency, we have some of the old 1-pound coins that were taken out of circulation shortly after our last visit (September 2017). Is it too late to exchange those for the new coins? If not, where would we go to exchange them?
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