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Originally Posted by Dad to Rei View Post
Quick follow up, my outbound flights posted this AM, just shy of 2 weeks post flight.
Originally Posted by PHX_Flyer View Post
All four QR segments (minus AC leg and my skipped leg, obviously) posted to my account this morning. Flown on 2/23 thru 2/26, all posted on 3/5. Nice bump to EQD and EQM!
Originally Posted by PANK KP View Post
As my follow up: My Feb 7 & 8 flights along with my Feb 25 & 26 flights all posted on March 5. So almost 30 days for the outbound to post and a week for the return to post.
Yep, and my flights on 2/16 posted on 3/5 as well.

Based on this last round it seems like QR waited for the month to close before sending a giant data dump of all the flights to credit to AA on 3/5.
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