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Im just stating the policy. I don't make them and I have absolutely no affect on them. I don't know why a 4.5 hour flight wouldn't have allowed for pre-ordering. Double catering shouldn't matter. The Fruit and Cheese are simply catered by the kitchen that catered that flight. I do see here, however, that some people have had difficulties with pre-ordering but I see pre-ordered meals on nearly every flight I'm on so it's working for many folks. Not sure what the glitch would be on a 4.5 hour flight. As for the fruit and cheese being different - admittedly, I don't work in First Class much but did last week and the F&C that was catered was EXACTLY the same, just put on a plate. It had crackers and chocolate and the same amount of fruit and cheese. No difference. Vegetarian options... they've made the meals such that any meat can typically be left off - yes, there isn't something to replace it, but you can still have a meal sans meat, thus making it vegetarian. Absent any glitches, you should be able to pre-order such that you would not have a dish that had meat included - and if you were upgraded within the window of time that pre-ordering must take place, you could always purchase something from Coach. You're still ahead in that you're not sitting in a Coach seat...

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