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For those of us who fly F sometimes Pre-order is not available. our last flight was 4.5 hours and no pre-order. It was the return of a double catered flight. They ran out of meal options and flyer behind me (vegetarian) asked for F & C. He was charged for meal. (personally, I do not think that is right).
Especially when AS boldly advertises on their web page that they always have a vegetarian option. They should at least ask each pax during boarding if they're a vegetarian or not so they can hold those back if only a few have been catered. It really doesn't seem like it would be that hard. Even when making thousands of meals I would think making a meal vegetarian (like the omelet meal above) would be damn easy. Just have some fresh fruit that they swap in rather then the meat, or even just do an extra egg in the omelet or extra potatoes or something. Honestly it probably would be cheaper for AS too because I assume meat is one of the more expensive parts of their meals. Same with soups or salads, just switching the stock of a soup could make it suitable for more people and I highly doubt people would notice, or if they did, it would just be chocked up to airline food not tasting as good as food on the ground, etc. Things could get hard when factoring in egg, nut, and/or other allergies AND trying to make something vegetarian, but if the goal is just to remove meat or gelatin that should be a really easy and cheap fix for like 90% of the cases with the catering.
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