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Iíve always seen the fruit and cheese plate available as a preorder option. If you preorder it, it should be guaranteed and you wonít have to worry about getting one from the economy cart. I realize this wonít help with shorter flights where preorder isnít available or for people who are upgraded after the preorders close though
Fruit and cheese are available for pre-order in First Class at no charge and, if you didn't pre-order one you can still purchase one from the menu in the coach cabin. Until the policy changes (IF the policy ever changes) that's the current state of affairs. I realize many here have had varying degrees of success in not having to pay for a cheese and fruit platter when seated in F but if you didn't pre-order and go in with the idea that you can buy one from the menu in back, then you'll always get a cheese and fruit platter if that's important to you.
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