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Originally Posted by canyonleo View Post
Well, that explains it (the many posts above).
Ahhhh Cathy G... she's a bit of a legend. Once I moved on from her I've gotten great value from the program but the key, like most things, is expectations. I don't expect someone based in Omaha to find me a restaurant in Vienna, or arrange transportation in New York. I can have her be a "go between" but why not just email the concierges at the hotel? The emails are typically on, and I've done that before with fine results.

Best benefit of Concierges is a single point of contact for reservations, and all issues related to reservations. I can email mine and say "make a res for this date please" and it's simply done. I don't have to login or do anything except send an email. If there's an issue just send an email. She knows my history which is nice too (not having to repeat myself with various other agents). But at the end of the day, yes she is basically a glorified and somewhat empowered reservation agent and I'm happy with that.
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