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This situation is now pretty rare, especially if one is flying on business. And especially if one is flying on (apparently) time-critical business.
Whilst you make some very good points, this is somewhat wide of the mark. In reality, when schedules get chopped and changed at the very last minute (I seem to attract this type of schedule destruction on a semi-frequent basis).

It was only in December where I landed on a ZRH-LCY flight on the way to visit the Tanzania visa office in London (I needed a business visa issued same day), where I received a message as we pulled into the parking stand saying my trip to Tanzania had been cancelled (possibly postponed) so this trip was now unnecessary. I had no need to be in London that day except for visa purposes, so jumped on another flight to another location where I could undertake some work at short notice. The point of my story is that sometimes you just do not know where you will end up on any given day, and air tickets are not always easily changed. They do however suit the "out and back" type of trips if you are always coming or going from/to your base location. I do a lot of one-ways (sometimes on LCCs) which means I can drop the sectors easily/cheaply depending on the situation.

Saying that if flying for business using two tickets with an unprotected connection is rare, is not entirely reflective of reality. That being said, the OP should accept with grace that his plan failed (as it has happened to me on several occasions) and make alternative arrangements. It is frustrating when separate tickets don't pay off, but I just remember that financially I (or more likely my employer) is significantly ahead by a huge order of magnitude on ticket price savings, versus buying the odd individual high price one way trip at the airport ticket desk. It is a game, at the end of the day - most often you win, but on the odd occasion you lose.
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