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Originally Posted by ChrisJC5 View Post
Thanks for the information. I'm going to wait until I get notification about any resolution about my case. I think the problem I have is that my OC9 mapping to a NC6 has been devalued in the process as the hotel I orginally booked with the OC9 is now a Category 7 hotel. I'm trying to get an upgrade to the NC7 in light of all these circumstances with the incorrect information initially given to me by the two reps and my booking airline flights in reliance of that information.
Good Luck on the "resolution".

Have you not read about how long it has taken for people to ever hear back or not hear back at all?

You do know that if the hotel changed category after your booking, ANY touch on the reservation, incl the date change, would VOID the payment, i.e. the old cert that is no longer good for the increased pt requirement?

What you think is a minor date change, may be just your wishful thinking, hoping to pull it off on the change while you KNOW that the category change would cause problem when you removed the cert - now you tell us and no wonder there is the drama.

With more truth has been told, no wonder you have gone thru such drama because you are trying to do the impossible which badly backfired.

What my321 suggested is the easiest solution that should work, IF there is no category changes. Now all bets are off.

Since the category has already gone up since your initial booking, you would need Marriott to really bend backward to help you restore the reservation.

I seriously cannot believe we still hear this kind of drama as of now, after we have learned what can be done and what cannot, and on how to get it done on those that are within rules and are possible.

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