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So, I've spent around almost 3 hours today with 3 customer service representatives and still no end in sight over what I thought was a minor adjustment in my reservations with an OC9/TP 5night certificate. I booked this Category 9 certificate for 5 nights at the JW Essex NY Marriott for April 28 to May 3, 2019, prior to the merger of reward programs . Today, I had a slight change of plans and wanted to reschedule this reservation for April 24 to April 29. I specifically asked the Titanium Plat customer service rep if I could use the OC9 certificate for my modified reservation for April 24 to April 29 and was told that she would apply that certificate to my modified reservation. I then booked flights for my wife and I based on this modified reservation.

A few hours later when I checked my Marriott Rewards/Bonvoy account at a Starbucks Coffee Shop, I saw that my account now had been debited 240K points from my balance and that my OC9 5 night certificate had been restored in my account with an expiration date of May 30, 2019. I called another Marriott Titanium Plat rep again, explained the issue, and was told that my old OC9 5 night certificate, after a 25 minute hold and recheck with some others in her office, could apply to the modified reservations. (This advice was given to me after I tried to get my OC9 extended beyond May 30, 2019 or after I tried to get my original reservations back with the OC9 attached, if possible, as I had 24 hours to change airline reservations.) I was then placed on hold for anoither 15 minutes and waited for the contirmation -- with my phone battery on limited power I told the rep I couldn't stay long prior to being placed on hold. I had to hang up as power was drained completely on my phone.

I get home to look at my Bonvoy account and nothing has changed; 240K down in the account and OC9 with an expiration date of May 30, 2019. I spent an hour with another Titanium Plat, who explained she was powerless to attach the OC9 certificate to my modified reservation, that she could not convert my OC9 to NC6 with an expiration date beyond May 30, 2019, and that the best she could do was write up a case for me and send it up the chain of command to those who might be able to grant me some relief,

What a mess! Anyone have similar issues?
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