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Just another datapoint.
Call 1
Talked to what appeared to be a competent agent - US line. Had an OC9 attached to a reservation that wasn't going to happen.
Mentioned OC and agent said yeap, I know how to detach and convert. It was very quick, and he changed the OC9 to NC6 in a couple of minutes and then attached to a new reservation (yesterday)
Thing was when I checked the following morning, I found out that 20k points were deducted to convert an OC9 to NC6. - never mentioned anything about point deducted - just one time new anniversary date for the new certificate.
Call 2
Talked another agent that understood the gist of what i was saying that there shouldn't have been an extra 20k points deducted, he was in the process of helping when I got disconnected and couldn't call back for an hour.
Looked online at my account and then found out I had another 415 k points in my account and a partial package travel package 6.(no code) and somehow the certificate was detached from the reservation.
Call 3
Talked to another agent, and after she re-attached the certificate, my account went into negative points. At that point she went to fix it up with the manager and everything seems fine now.
Unfortunately I dropped from platinum status to gold. (Was platinum through Ritz card - opened back in aug 2018.)
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