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Originally Posted by ukinny2000 View Post
You can use more than 3 GCs for Delta flights now, though you have to do it over the phone (from : "Up to 3 gift cards can be redeemed per transaction on If you wish to redeem more than 3 cards for a single purchase, please call 1-800-221-1212 and a Reservations Specialist will be able to assist you." )
This is the AA thread but I didn't want people to see the above post and get a bit misled but what Delta is saying. There are still limits on the number of GCs that can be redeemed with Delta and the datapoints are all over the place about what phone representatives at Delta will do. Some will say they can't do more than 3 gift cards, some have spoken to supervisors who have approved up to five cards and no more, somebody else claims they got a rep to do six cards, but its certainly not unlimited and with $50 gift cards you may have difficulty getting the full airline credit value (e.g., Aspire $250 = 5xGCs x2) if you just want to save up your cards for a more expensive single redemption. Its probably ok for people who are going to have multiple Delta flights anyway, because they can spread the GCs out over multiple flights but for people who have very few flights via Delta it can be difficult to redeem all these small value cards.
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