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New here. Few questions about Europe travel?

Hello, new to this site. I wanted some advice on my upcoming Europe trip. Basically the same typical question that most first timers ask. I'm trying to hit up roughly 7-10 countries in about 30 or so days (give or take) most people say its not possible or that it's to much travel. These countries/cities include. London, Paris, Madrid, lisbon, Switzerland, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Belgium. I will try to pack light to avoid lugging around to many things, plus baggage fees. But I know I will at least have a laptop bag, a backpack, and 1 check in bag.

*Cheaper to take eurail (10 day pass?) or individual flights (found them for $40 to $90 to certain countries within Europe)time + money plays a factor. For example I much rather take a plane if the ticket cost $50 but only takes 2 hours compared to taking a train that only cost $20 but take 8 or 9 hrs. But where as I rather take a train @ $50 for a 3 hr train ride than a $40 plane flight if the plane basically gets their within 1 hr of the train( I rather have the experience and site seeing of the train if its very close in time frame.)

*If I don't get the Eurail pass but still need a few rail trips through a few countries or even metro costs in city. What would be the best way about doing this?

* Probably going the airbnb route (I need my private space and private hostel rooms are pretty close in price to a private airbnb) how much should I budget for a total of 23 days (1 week of my lodgings is free) of airbnb in these countries. Trying to shoot for $50 a night. Do-able?

* Is $3,000 to $3,500 ( is roughly $130 a day going to be enough for a 30 day roughly trip to thse countries I listed above? I don't spend a lot on attractions and I budget wisely.

* When traveling between cities/countries whats the best way not to "waste a night" paying for a hotel/airbnb room if you get to the new country late and basically would only have enough time to sleep and don't want to pay a full day price for just a few hours of checking in?

* How much aprox. can I get a sim card so that I have some sort of internet capabilities on my American phone?

Any other advice is appreciated. I'm sure I will have more questions as my trip in May approaches.

Thanks again..

I posted this picture below of europe of the route I had in mind let me know if you see any flaws, or ways to change this. Or even if this gives you a better idea if planes, or trains are a better choice for me based on this route or a similar one. thanks

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