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Originally Posted by agjil View Post
I have an OC9 cert in my account that I'd like to attempt to convert into NC7.
I understand it is a draw of luck getting an agent who is willing to do it for me (as OC9 maps to NC6), but assuming I get an agent who is willing to do the conversion for me, I'm a little confused how many extra points would be required in this case:

1) The difference between NC6 and NC7 is 60,000 points, according to Marriott's latest travel package website (the new travel packages).
So would I have to pay 60,000 points?


2) According to the wiki info on this thread, the refund value of OC9 is 165,000 points and while the refund value of OC Tier 4-5 (the one that maps to NC7) is 315,000 points.
Would I have to pay 315,000 - 165,000 = 150,000 points?
Almost certainly it will be #2 . Your OC9 definitely has a refund value of 165,000. The only person in this thread to report getting an NC7 partial package got it as a QL87 which costs 315,000 points. The package mappings we have are based on the old cert values. Even when an OC is converted to an NC the values are based off the OC value so your cost will be 150,000 to upgrade - IF you can find an agent willing to do it.
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