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I have an OC9 cert in my account that I'd like to attempt to convert into NC7.
I understand it is a draw of luck getting an agent who is willing to do it for me (as OC9 maps to NC6), but assuming I get an agent who is willing to do the conversion for me, I'm a little confused how many extra points would be required in this case:

1) The difference between NC6 and NC7 is 60,000 points, according to Marriott's latest travel package website (the new travel packages).
So would I have to pay 60,000 points?


2) According to the wiki info on this thread, the refund value of OC9 is 165,000 points and while the refund value of OC Tier 4-5 (the one that maps to NC7) is 315,000 points.
Would I have to pay 315,000 - 165,000 = 150,000 points?
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