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Just a data point not a recommendation as your CL is very low. I have 30k+ limit on several amex cards. Amex lets me charge over 100k on these cards on one shot. I regularly go over 2 times my limit. (I do not think this is cycling because I am not paying it down, but I could be wrong) . I primarly do this on the Bus Blue because they let you carry balance interest free up to your credit limit, so I do this to earn the free interest. Plus you get 2x up to 50k spend each year, so I max that out also. You just get a warning that you are over your CL. In the begging they would just automatically raise your limit. Now I see an option to click here if you want your limit raised. I do nothing and just pay amount over limit plus minimum. They have a tool on their website to check spending power. You can see how much over you are allowed.
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