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Originally Posted by DjRocket View Post
Greetings, I signed up my mother for a spend bonus promo on her Bonvoy personal CC, but she has only 3k CL. So to be meeting the bonus requirements ($25k a month) she would have to cycle the CL more than 8 times !! And thus three more times during the year. That's quite a bit of cycling. I definitely don't want AMEX to shut down her accounts, but also don't mind taking SOME risk. The question is, how much? Does anybody have a good sense to estimate the risk here? I know excessive cycling is risky but also curious if the low CL makes a diference, meaning cycling 50k CL 5 times is not the same as cycling 2k CL the same amount. Thanks!
On the personal card you have all year to spend in 25k increments, not 25K a month, up until Dec 31.
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