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Originally Posted by ozone View Post
I didn't board late. I boarded with my group and the bins were all full by the time I got on. This does happen sometimes, and can be the downside of a far forward seat. And I didn't want to trouble others to get it for me because it was 4 rows back. It was too late at that point to respect that person's suggestion, because I was already in the aisle with my bag, behind the self-righteous person, and I wasn't agitating to budge forward, I was de-planing from that point. So the only issue was the aisle space I was occupying.

But I'll think about sitting out the whole de-planing process next time it happens and/or hope for some kindness. Most important lesson here may me to board as fast possible to get my bags in a more advantageous position
I give you props for not doing what most people do when they have to store their bags several rows back, which is wiggle your way to the rear and then try to elbow your way back up to your original position before (usually bearing your suitcase over your head like it's some magical line-cutting talisman).
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