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Currently ABOUT 50% (a little more) of the sUA 772s have been converted from the old IPTE layout to the Polaris Layout. As mentioned above, United doesn't know which particular layout will be on which flight ahead of time. Aircraft aren't assigned to a specific flight until about 72 hours before the flight, and there can even be a swap after that. The rule of thumb is you won't know with 100% certainty what type of aircraft you will be on until you actually board.

UA decided to display the old IPTE layout as a placeholder until they know which aircraft they will be using for that flight. While we don't know for sure, it is probable that UA prefers to delight people who are not expecting a Polaris layout with a Polaris layout, rather than have people expect a Polaris layout and then have a bunch of disappointed people when the Polaris layout gets "yanked" for the old layout when an aircraft is assigned.

This also applies to routes that use the sCO (ex-Contonental) 772 and all of the 763s. United is at a tough point for guaranteeing seat assignments on its wide-body fleet. You are only safe on a 777-300 (77W) or any of the 787s, where there is only one layout for all aircraft of each type. United's goal is the have 100% consistency among similar aircraft when the retrofit process is complete, with a goal of the end of 2020.
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