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Originally Posted by arcticflier View Post

What should you have done?

Maybe respected the suggestion of that self-righteous person and waited until others had de-boarded.

Thats the penalty for boarding late and having to stow your carry-on aft of your seat assignment.

I once saw this occur and a fellow pax attempted to be helpful and hand forward the carry-on and the owner became very agitated that someone handled their carry-on.

I didn't board late. I boarded with my group and the bins were all full by the time I got on. This does happen sometimes, and can be the downside of a far forward seat. And I didn't want to trouble others to get it for me because it was 4 rows back. It was too late at that point to respect that person's suggestion, because I was already in the aisle with my bag, behind the self-righteous person, and I wasn't agitating to budge forward, I was de-planing from that point. So the only issue was the aisle space I was occupying.

But I'll think about sitting out the whole de-planing process next time it happens and/or hope for some kindness. Most important lesson here may me to board as fast possible to get my bags in a more advantageous position
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