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Your post could simply stated "Emotional Support Animal Attacks a 5 Year-Old Girl at PDX" ... This is a tragic story and the pet owner is to blame. However, banning a dog simply because of it's breed shows your ignorance. Yes, I have a Pit Bull and she's the mostly loving animal you could ever meet (everyone is her friend). I also hang out with fellow Pit Bull owners as well (one of my friends actually rescues Pit Bull's) and none, not one has ever attacked or has been aggressive with anyone - no one. I have been attacked by dogs before, SMALL ONES. I was attacked and bitten by a mousy, small dog who jumped out of it's Louis Vuitton dog carrier in my condo complex. The owner had the audacity to blame me for the attack. Is that as dangerous as all Pit Bull? Do we ban all small dogs because I was attacked? I agree, people are abusing the system with "Emotional Support Animal" but it's all animals, just not Pit Bull's. Horrible tragic story of a little girl posted by a very ignorant person.

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