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The pictures of that poor child are horrible, I hope she recovers soon.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as each news agency reports this incident differently, then again information is coming from one side (Family lawyer), reports, etc. I for one believe in support animals but I very much agree this is being abused to the point where restrictions need to be increased. Had this been on the aircraft, perhaps AS could be on the hook but this was in PDX at the gate; here are the Port of Portland's requirements for animals (only part of the policy is listed here):
  • Other animals, including emotional support or comfort animals, are only allowed in the airport if traveling with their owner or being shipped by air. These animals must be kept in pet carriers, except when using the pet relief area. Most airlines offer pet carriers, and carriers are available at pre-security news and gift shops.
  • In rare cases when an animal does not fit in a pet carrier, the owner must carry the animal when practical; otherwise the animal must remain on a leash that does not extend from the body by more than three feet.
One news agency reported that the passenger with the dog was cited for not following this policy when passing through security. If (and a big IF) this was true, why did let her through? I for one have seen many pets in PDX that are not carried and though on a leash, are far away from the three feet noted above. I do not think AS would be responsible for that. To be honest, I think the responsibility lies with the owner of the dog. From reports (again, only reports) the child asked to pet the dog and dog bit her. It was also noted that the mom had left her five year old daughter with her older brother when she went to get coffee and came back after the incident. NOT BLAMING THE MOM....but I can see how a young child would want to pet a dog.....the owner should have known better.
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