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Originally Posted by fliesdelta View Post
What aspects of the integration with Apple Pay could be better than any other credit card?
My thoughts exactly. I read the article, but those "features" really don't seem very compelling or even particularly different than what is available from other cards. Maybe Apple can actually innovate this space somehow, but I currently don't have any dissatisfaction with the existing processes. With the early smartphones there was always a feeling of, "wish it could be faster (they're superfast now), bigger screen (screens are plenty big now), easier to log in/authenticate (resolved by TouchID), etc". With the features that they mentioned... I'd say most people either don't use it (spending limits/goals) or feel the process is acceptable enough (credit card apps and portals).

Come on, surprise me Apple! Make me want to run into the nearest Apple Store and shout out, "TAKE MY MONEY!"
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