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Originally Posted by Europe View Post
Folks who use the passing lane to drive is one of my two pet peeves. I had a sister in law once say she was driving fast enough and was mad at the drivers behind her. It's simple ignorance. The other is those who go too slow in the far right lane. Both make driving more dangerous for everybody while thinking they are the safe and proper ones. The solution is to stay in the middle and live calmer and longer.
Slightly OT but where I live the police can apparently pull over and ticket people for driving too slow in the left lane. Big deal in the news a little while back.

I drive relatively fast in all lanes so have never experienced whether this enforcement actually occurs, but I agree that people going too slow on the highway create as much or more of a hazard as the super speeders.

Originally Posted by Mike Rivers View Post
On what aircraft is there room, perhaps other than in first class, is there room for a passenger with baggage to pass another passenger in the aisle?
That's the whole point of OP, I think. Because of the limited space, there has to be some waiting/order used - whether intentional or de facto. Some people want to jump that order, which creates a situation.
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