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Originally Posted by Zawnet View Post

Thanks for the intelligence and insights.
I can confirm that -MTU has the old seat product and layout, with that UFO-ish light at the seat.

I flew on -MTZ about a couple of weeks ago and was actually seated in 2K - an aisle seat! There was no 2H and the seat was labeled as 2K - although I could see that the label, placed at the edge of the overhead bin above the seat, was a paper one behind a clear plastic cover, almost like a hastily printed and laminated label and one could see that it hides another numbering label below it. Perhaps the original seat label was 2H?

Given the two distinct configurations, I can see MH trying to be consistent with the seat numbering although one will never know if the allocated aisle/ window seat is really what it is until one knows the actual operating aircraft.
thanks for the info point. Looks like there are more UFO old seat birds than new ones hence the default seat layout on the map shows the majority. Might even be 5-1 once we get a read on MTY.
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