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Originally Posted by TGflyergirl View Post
Iíve flown 4 of the 6 birds - once Iíve flown all 6 Iíll try to write up a guide.

For now MTX/W and V have the older style seat with the dome light. On these 3 - 2A and 2K are real ďwindowsĒ but those 2 seats are terribly exposed. Also donít like the seat much. No place to keep stuff.

MTZ - has the newer version without the dome light, and 2K doesnít exist. Itís 2H/3K and so forth. This version is quite a bit better with more storage.

No idea about MTU/Y - Iíll find out eventuality. Thing is you wonít know until the day as they donít change seatmaps to suit the actual plane flying.
Thanks for the intelligence and insights.
I can confirm that -MTU has the old seat product and layout, with that UFO-ish light at the seat.

I flew on -MTZ about a couple of weeks ago and was actually seated in 2K - an aisle seat! There was no 2H and the seat was labeled as 2K - although I could see that the label, placed at the edge of the overhead bin above the seat, was a paper one behind a clear plastic cover, almost like a hastily printed and laminated label and one could see that it hides another numbering label below it. Perhaps the original seat label was 2H?

Given the two distinct configurations, I can see MH trying to be consistent with the seat numbering although one will never know if the allocated aisle/ window seat is really what it is until one knows the actual operating aircraft.

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