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Tine Rod
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Popped my new boarding zone cherry.. No Bueno

So just boarded FLL - ATL enroute to ORD. First travel since new boarding process. I get to the gate , look around and see no new pillars , basically just the old main plus sky at gate D9.

Im a PM and chose exit since no upgrades were available on this leg, I have first confirmed on the next, but I cant remember the last time I flew below comfort plus. Boarding commences and they get to C+. I figure sky is next and get ready. The GA calls main 1 ! I hear a noise and rumble reminiscent of the buffalo scene in Dances with wolves, followed by main cabin stampede.

1 GA asked the other , did you call sky? I see her mouth , I called c+ sky is AFTER main.. Other GA seems to correct her, she shrugs it off.

I finally make it to the scanner near the tail end of the stampede. I ask the the GA , the one with sense, did you call sky , does not that come before main? Her response "oh, sky and C+ board together. No use arguing with her at that point. They knew they screwed up and still chose to BS. As I walked down the jet bridge I can her them ask over comms if everyone in the line was main 1. Not sure what happened after that. Hopefully ATL is a better experience.
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