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First flights on NZ in years....

We haven't been on NZ in years and were looking forward to what we remembered to be an excellent experience in J. Unfortunately, things got off to a
bad start with our flight to RAR cancelled with no alert necessitating a dramatic change in itinerary literally from the airport. The flight from IAH was perfectly
fine but today's jaunt back to LAX was less than stellar:

-Auckland lounge was a scrum, with barely any seats available - was prepared for this from FTers.
-Boarding was called and everyone ended up standing around the podium for 20 minutes until the pilots showed up. No problem waiting, of course, but
don't make an announcement that boarding has commenced if it hasn't.
-The leased EVA plane was just less of a premium experience than the plane from IAH. No bedding, no wireless, no ordering from seats, etc.
-This was the second flight that I observed no blankets being passed out in J. Some people knew they were overhead, but others didn't and they ran out.
-The crew chattered noisily in the galley between the two J cabins for hours, making it difficult to sleep. Not a proactive team at all.
-Assigned a VERY remote post to disembark at LAX and the buses were jammed. As is always the case, being off the plane first has no benefit if a bus transfer is required. As it turns out, my "priority" tagged bag was pretty much the last one off the plane.
-One note at LAX: we were ticketed on NZ and so our UA boarding pass did not have TSA precheck on it. We were going to ask UA to print out a new one but the CLEAR lane was available and we survived taking off our shoes.

I'd leave plenty of time at LAX for an Int. to Domestic transfer - there were many planes at the remote location and many people running around to make their connections.

Although none of these items were critical - other than the cancellation - the whole experience was "meh" at best.
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