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In the next two months, I am booking rooms for myself and co-workers at 10 Marriotts.

I am booking 3 rooms, for 3 nights, in 10 different cities -- will this count for 90 elite nights?

I was going to do a status match challenge in order to get Platinum, but maybe that's not necessary? -- and can someone confirm, can you only status challenge once-per-lifetime with Marriott?

Also I have a Chase Marriott personal card, and I just got the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Business so I can hit minimum spend again and get the bonus again.

Any other suggestion for how to optimize this?

And if you have Marriott suggestions in any of the following places, I would love to hear them!
- Miami, FL
- Boston, MA
- Albuquerque, NM
- Seattle, WA
- San Francisco, CA
- Chicago, IL
- Denver, CO
- Las Vegas, NV
- Minneapolis, MN
- Washington, DC
You will only get elite credit for one room at a time - and it will be the room you are in. If you are traveling with the same people to all of these cities, it might be nice to let them sign up for a challenge as well. It could generate a lot of good will, and it could make the experience more fun for all of you.

I believe that you can only go up by one status during a challenge. So, if you want to do a plat challenge, you need to be gold when you sign up. Likewise, if you want to do a gold challenge, you need to be silver to sign up for that. Since you have the credit cards, you should at least be silver already.

You may be able to get points for all 3 rooms. But there are multiple posts here on FT that complain about bosses and coworkers taking points away from other travelers to keep for themselves. That is something to keep in mind. Your coworkers may or may not care. But if they are upset about not getting the points for their own stays, and you are traveling for 30 days with them, then that could create an interesting dynamic during your trip.

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