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@ DCF - I done exactly that, however with the other pots of yogurt and found them to be nearly as good as looselys yogurt, i also planned to finish with a cuppachino and almond croissant but that’s to much sugar for me after a big bowl of granola, I was even too full to have any hot food!..haha.

@ Gentle giant - it’s doable it may take a while in rush hour traffic.

@ ocprodigy - yes!.....I forgot to mention that, I did sample a very little Amount it was delicious.

@ land of miles - i think so, last night I done resistance work so didn’t notice but this morning I was on the treadmill next to them and I’m sure at some point they were both in use.

@ 77pat - yep I used the rowing machine last night as a warm up, works fine!

Slept very well, bed is huge and comfy, popped down to lounge to grab a take away coffee ( cups at back of machine ) lounge empty, I later used the gym again to burn some calories for the big bowl of granola I was planning to eat!.....gym was fairly busy.......I also had a swim too , just myself and another guy....peaceful!.

BREAKFAST - I love breakfast here, that said I was so full after the granola I didn’t even attempt the hot food, however it did look very nice......Bankside has probably the best selection of pastries of all the London Hilton’s, it really is that good.....the coffee in the restaurant is good too as it’s the same machine as in the lounge
The pink grapefruit juice is very good!.......I must also mention the service was very attentive.

I checked out at 10-30am, again it was almost as if the concierge was waiting for me as I came out of the lift, my case is taken and my car is returned within the time it’s taken me to check out.....I was done within 5mins, super service!......even the London traffic was on my side.

CONCLUSION - Great stay, yes some small cutbacks and the male lounge dragon was lazy and unprofessional....... apart from that it’s a solid choice! ....I will return.

ROOM NO - 430

NEXY PLANNED STAY -Hilton Sheffield ( 2-3-19 )

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