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Basel to Munich on Lufthansa Business Class



Iím on my way to Malta. Tomorrow is the Malta marathon that I was actually planning on participating in. But itís looking like that may not be happening after all. First of all, I have a collapsed arch, which doesnít cause me any problems when Iím walking or running but all the more pain when Iím just standing or resting. And apart from that, the organisers have announced that despite the expected gale force winds, the run is expected to go ahead as planned. But I really donít think I fancy that.

But the flights are booked anyway, and I think itíll do me good to go home one way or another. The upshot of course, is that Iím going to have to travel with Lufthansa, which is rarely a pleasurable experience.

My flight departs at 06h15, which means I have to take the 04h55 bus to the airport, which gets there at 05h09. Being a Saturday morning, the bus is still fairly empty.

The Lufthansa app works moderately well. It takes quite a while to load, but that might just as well be because of my iPhone or the connection. Seeing as Iíll only be gone one day, Iím only travelling with hand luggage.

Basel airport has been a constant building site since the partial suspension of the Schengen treaty. And to be honest, I canít help feel that perhaps that was the main idea Ė to keep people in the area in jobs. Because while thereís a lot of construction going on in the terminal building itself, more and more flights are shifting back into the secured Schengen area that still exists. Apparently, Lufthansa or Germany have made it on to the Ďgoodí list, so at least I wonít need to go through immigration.

Boarding starts at 05h55. There is a separate line for Business Class passengers and status holders and these are also invited to board the aircraft first.

Iím seated on row 2A. I know I complain a lot about Lufthansa, but one advantage they have in Business Class, is that even on a puny little squirt like the CRJ-900, the seat next to you will always remain empty. And I also must say, the amount of noise up front is minimal. Itís quite calm and pleasant.On a side note, row 1 is right opposite the door to the toilet Ė which might be unpleasant, especially on a full flight.

There are two cabin crew on the flight: a middle aged woman with a rather grating voice, especially at 06h in the morning, and a middle aged gentleman. I donít think heís German though, because his accent when he speaks English and French is nearly non-existent.

The one thing that always strikes me on European Lufthansa, is how the service has been stripped to the absolute minimum. There is not refreshing towel, no welcome drink and no interaction with the crew.

The flight time is announced at slightly over forty minutes. The Business Class meal is served on a tray and passengers are served individually from the galley, as opposed to a classic trolley service. And what a sad meal it is! The food comes on a small white tray which is decked out in a red and white chequered napkin, in what I can only assume is Lufthansaís interpretation of rustic Bavarian country bumpkin chic. On it is a nut protein bar, a small bottle with a coconut and pineapple smoothie, a yoghurt with cherry compote and a ham sandwich wrapped in paper. Apart from the fact that the meal really looks very sad and just screams Ďcost savingí at you, itís also not very good. In particular, I find it somewhat awkward that they should put pork ham in the sandwiches. Surely, it wouldnít hurt Lufthansa to use cheese or something else that will not immediately exclude or cause offence to people who will not eat pork for religious reasons or any meat out of conviction.

The flight passes quickly and eventually we land at 07h11. I now have just under two hours to make my connection to Malta.
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