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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
ALL we have heard so far have been from INDIRECT sources, with contradictory info coming in bits and pieces. People have no way to guide them on what they need to redeem. <snip>
it is very frustrating not to get authoritative responses (or even helpful ones) from Marriott.

A suggestion: Back when they were separate, Starwood had a "Starwood Lurker" named William Sanders, who was extremely helpful with information and advice. I was never clear whether he was an "official" spokesman or an unofficial one, but his information was the real McCoy so he was obviously coordinating his answers with Starwood.

He "came over" with the merger and is posting on other sites with the handle " Marriott Bonvoy Lurker" and he has posted on FlyerTalk with that handle as recently as yesterday. May I suggest you direct your questions to him and see if he can get this sorted out. He was a wonderful and valuable resource as Starwood Lurker, so he may be here as well.
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