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Originally Posted by Concerto View Post
I think that's true enough. The trouble is, an Accor point is worth 2 Eurocents and this is irrespective of how many or how few points you have got. So there is nothing to aspire towards. Only status, perhaps.
i think is most relevant the % of point Payback you receive for each stay

100€ at platinum level give you 440 points (8.80 € / 8.80%)

There are often (I would say “very” often, depending on country) promo x2/x3/X4 points,

x2 points promo give you 690 points (13.80 € / 13.80%)

x3 points promo give you 940 points (18.80 € / 18.80%)

x4 points promo give you 1190 points 23.80 € / 23.80%)

For me is interesting how many points I can get in one year, considering the amount of expenses.

I don’t have a lot of experience on other hotel chain program, for what I can see with Marriot starting from this year, payback is higher if without a bonus points offer ...

i have done these counts for myself to understand my convenience:

if I compare a 1 night stay, considering same level (Platinum with 50% bonus points and 500 welcome bonus points x stay),

on 100€ I get 2.000 points (excluding promotions)

if I take an hotel level 5 at Marriot ( assuming an average cost 200 € x night ) it costs 35.000 points x night (regular season).

It means to spend 17.5 nights (100€ x night ) to have 1 free night

with accor, excluding promotions, to get a free night at a 200€ hotel I need to spend 22.5 nights

but, what I can see, having my paying stay mainly in Italy, is that at Accors there are really much more points promotion than at Marriotts...

starting from Genuary, I was only be able to get some stays at Marriot with the end of megabonus promotion, and I was able to get ALL my accor stays with at least x2 bonus points (some x3 and some X4)

so on my side and on this point of view ...Accor wins

surely what above is to be managed step by step, country by country and case by case ... and I could also have been not so accurate, but at the end each one see what works better for him.

The variables are too much, it depends when and where one wants to redeem free nights and when and where needs to sleep as paying guest (and if he pays or his company pays ...)

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