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If your travel is upcoming BestBuy does sell fi sims for $10 each but that comes with a $10 service credit making them effectively free.

You pay up front for the monthly line charge (calls & texts) which are a flat rate and then after use you'll be billed for your data usage. I suggest activating a few days before just to make sure there isn't an issue but that's really just to make sure vs out of a legitimate sense of caution.

Originally Posted by GregLeg View Post
So is Fi as good as it appears for the "we'll be in Europe for 10 days and need a phone, but don't want to pay Verizon's ridiculous '$10 per day per line' charge" scenario? Normally I just get a SIM for wherever we're going, but for this trip we need to know our phone numbers ahead of time for a few reasons, and Fi appears to be a good way to accomplish this.

I checked the "Bringing my own device" page, and our phones (Verizon LG G6) are supported. So my plan was:

1. Get 2 Fi SIMs, activate them, make note of the numbers to hand them out as needed.
2. Suspend the Fi service until we're about to depart, so that we can keep using our phones on our Verizon plan. (We're not switching permanently; at least not yet. So I won't be porting our numbers. Depending on our experience, switching to Fi MAY be an option, but not just yet.)
3. Shortly before we leave, put the Fi SIMs back in the Verizon phones, resume service, and enjoy our trip. (Advantage - no need to swap SIMs mid-trip, yet our phones will just work when we get back home to call for our ride )
4. When we get home, suspend Fi service again, go back to the Verizon SIMs, and go on with life.

For the above for two of us, it looks like it'll be $20 (line 1) + $15 (line 2) + $10/GB (pro-rated for partial use of 1GB chunks), plus roaming fees on any voice calls (free SMS)?

A few questions:
1. Do I even need to purchase any data at all for this use case? Looking at Fi's international support page I see "Note: The data you use outside of the U.S. is charged separately from your monthly data budget, which covers data use only within the U.S.". I take this to mean we'll be billed for any data use in Europe after we're home. Is ALL data use post-billed like that, or does one have to sign up for some minimum amount?
2. I see we can be suspended for 3 months. How are you billed during that time? We'll only actually be "using" Fi for ~12 days, is the base $35 pro-rated as well? (Wishful thinking?)
3. Following on #2 : how often can you suspend/resume before they just cancel your account? We travel to Europe 1 or 2 times a year, so a 3 month suspend period isn't quite long enough. I don't actually mind just cancelling and getting a new number each time we go, but reusing the number would be nice. (If we ultimately decide to switch from Verizon to Fi, well, that's different...)
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