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Originally Posted by ethernal View Post
The app still calls it "Zone" though?
And the gate agents, and all the passengers...

Originally Posted by FlyingUnderTheRadar View Post
Reminds me of an old Wizard of Id cartoon where the King asks for a haircut. Whereas the barber says "I do not give haircuts but create hairstyles". The King replies "I create obituaries now give me a haircut." I guess I feel the same, I do not care what the process is called just the load the plane with out encouraging the gate lice.
Exactly, call it whatever you want, the process is what it is.

Originally Posted by heckler View Post
I flipped/scanned as much as much of this thread as possible, to seek the following question: what happens to the parents with strollers, wheelchair bound and other special needs people? I have occasional gait (walking) and other maladies from early Parkinsons.

Didn't notice which tribe DL has put us with, I assume it's first to board..
I doesn't seem consistent but usually like this.

People that need extra time (you)
Active Duty Military
Parents with Strollers

You lumped yourself in with the stroller people, but that isn't the case anymore.
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