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Originally Posted by sol95 View Post
Yeah, I know. But if you follow the order of what's written, the blogger suggests he was knocked back from entry into the lounge despite his attire and expensive brand-name luggage BEFORE presenting his boarding pass. The lounge agent then asks for tickets, and only after that does the blogger seem to suggest that they presented their boarding pass. if that's the actual order, that in itself is a bit weird.

regardless of what order the things happened in, it seems incredulous to me that a lounge agent would refuse entry when a legitimate J boarding pass is produced. there's something odd to the story that the blogger's one-sided account is not fully disclosing.
(laughs) AND YET, when I pointed out being denied entry when presenting a legitimate J boarding pass, I was accused of “unfounded” and “speculative” racism.

Look, it’s been a few days, and I’m not interested in beating this horse to death. I should have had access to that lounge. That night, they were allowing certain business class passengers in, and sending certain passengers down the hall to a smaller, cramped lounge. Everyone in that lounge looked “Western” Didn’t have the same experience in ICN the next morning. Maybe it’s a training issue, a misunderstanding, or something else. Draw your own conclusions. But in a part of the world where I’ve flat out had restaurant managers say to me “No whites tonight” - it’s not unreasonable to wonder if something else is going on that night.
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