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Originally Posted by ATOBTTR View Post
This may put me in the minority opinion on here, but given the mileage upgrade award redemption rates, which could be as much as what an outright premium cabin redemption could go far, and frequent lack of availability (and the upgrades wouldn't even go to the gate if they didn't clear in advance) this may as well be a non-factor. I tried to get mileage-upgrade awards a few times and never succeeded with it. While the rate may not be the best ($0.01/mile or so), the ability to now use miles to buy-up to FC is an okay tradeoff to me as I at least know there's "space" I can upgrade to.
+1. Not sure what the big deal is. These always seemed like useless avenues for mileage redemption whenever I tried (both domestic and international). Either quoted rate was sky high or there was no availability despite lots of seats.

In some cases the direct mileage/cash redemption they are now allowing for domestic is a better deal.
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