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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post

Of course there is no such thing chainwise, for Hilton or any other major chain.

I have had many friends and relatives, who happen to be female, drop by for a visit. I have had my then girlfiend (now my wife) come to stay with me after I have checked in.

Itís also a bit sexist, are they also charging men who drop by a womanís room?

Iíd leave a scathing review on Itís just ridiculous to act like they are treating you.
You say it's a bit sexist, then admit that you don't know if men and women are treated differently? I live in Colombia, where having a charge to have somebody visit the room is standard practice. I'm a man, and I've gone to visit male colleagues at their hotel and been stopped from going to their room. And, given my age and looks, I doubt they thought I was a prostitute.

Originally Posted by DELee View Post
And, if you decide to go back to this hotel, you could always include a female name on your reservation so that "she's" registered.
I can't speak for Costa Rica, but in Colombia you typically have to pay extra to have more than one person on the reservation unless it is a hotel that serves the tourist market where multiple guests in a room is the norm. Plus, If you are visiting from outside the country and you register somebody who is a citizen or a resident, you lose the VAT exemption too, and that's a big chunk of change. I'm guessing Costa Rica is similar, as I have found these policies in place in many Latin American countries to which I've traveled.
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